Create automated branded emails inviting your customers to leave feedback about your products or services.

You’ve spent valuable time, money and effort on marketing to your customers, show them you really care by¬†asking then for their thoughts, opinions and suggestions about your service and company after a sale.

Quickly qualify if the customer is happy or not.

When they are happy with your service, our system will take them to your Google Review page and ask for a Review. Your testimonials can also be published to your website with one click publishing.

If your customers aren’t entirely satisfied with the service they received, our system will ask them for suggestions and their thoughts on how to improve. Create Recovery Moments for those dissatisfied customers who may never come back if you don’t address their dissatisfaction. Find out what went wrong and improve your systems.

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Show you value and care about your customer’s experience by asking them for their thoughts and opinions.

Measure and Manage